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Binance Crypto Signals

Jan 22

If you are serious about crypto, technical analysis is a very valuable tool. To get trusted binance futures signals can be a challenge. You can use this to determine your own entry and exit moments, also, for example, for projects that you buy for the longer term.

Sometimes you think you see a trading opportunity yourself and then it is useful that you can analyze it in a thorough way.

In the open channels of the chats you can even throw your analysis in front of the lions. Let other people poke.

The best part is that you don't have to choose between learning technical analysis yourself and following the signals. If you buy the Cryptonite course from Corné Marchand now, you get free access to his signals. Lifetime.

The most important question is, of course, are the signals lucrative? The answer to this question is yes. Viewed over a longer period of time, you end up in green much more often than in red.

It depends a bit on how much you invest, but you get the subscription money out pretty quickly.

So the lesson is, don't give up on a setback. It is part of trading that you make losses. The trick is to make sure that the gains are greater than your losses. And you do that by limiting the risk.

Another lesson: don't try to be smarter than the experienced trader. I tried that once by sitting a 1% below the suggested stop-loss. You only have yourself with that. Usually you just make 1% more loss.

Learn from your trades: If a trade goes well, congratulations. If the trade goes wrong, take a very critical look at what is going on.

Incidentally, there is not always a technical explanation for a large decrease or increase. If you go short, a coin is suddenly listed on a major exchange. Well, then your trade will go wrong, no matter how well you had read the chart.

Don't take everything just like that: Blindly following the signals is easy, but then you don't learn much from it. Analyze the signals critically before you invest. You may already see in advance that the traders are wrong and then you can discuss this.

Spread your odds: It's tempting to go all-in on a trade if you're confident in it. It often happens that a trade is disappointing. That is why I have several 'baskets' that I use. For example, if you have $600, you would make three $200 baskets.

I have sometimes floated between the point of taking profit and the stop-loss for two weeks with a basket. Of course I went through the stop-loss afterwards. With another basket I made four profitable trades in the same period.

Ask questions: Most signaling services have open channels in which you can ask questions. Also do this. Make an analysis and share it in the group.