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Crypto Masterclass Review

Dec 14

The Masterclass starts by explaining the basics that come with crypto. In this crypto masterclass review you will discover most off it. This way you learn exactly what crypto means – many people who start the course do not know this at all! You will also learn which coins are on offer and which of these coins has the most potential to grow strongly in price. In addition to practical trading tips on buying, selling and paying crypto, you also get a schedule for yourself. This will help you get off to a strong start on your adventure and create the right mindset that you can hold onto for the rest of the course and your further career as a crypto trader. In short, you get all kinds of useful tips and handles to slowly but surely become a real crypto expert.

In the Crypto Masterclass, all topics from the blockchain and crypto world are discussed. This new emerging market is developing at a rapid pace and the masterclass is constantly updated with the latest topics.

The package consists of 4 types of content, namely an online course with included cheat sheets, e-books, portfolio and The Zone. The content types aim to provide you with the right knowledge, teach you the right skills and offer you the opportunity to invest in the best crypto coins. You can then share your knowledge with the people in the community.

Derek and Patrick from AllesOverCrypto are convinced that you only master the material when you can explain it to others. Questions are constantly being asked in the community and you can test your knowledge by answering them.

Below you will find per content type what exactly falls under it.


In total you get an overview of 10 crypto pearls with the instructions how to buy the coins. Derek and Patrick have 8 years of experience with cryptocurrencies and selected these 10 coins after 100+ hours of research.

We do emphasize that it is important to take a closer look at the 10 coins yourself. It is only wise to invest in something if you have confidence in it yourself. The 10 coins can be seen as a summary of the 9500+ different crypto coins that are currently in circulation, and all you have to do is pick a few of those 10 to invest some money in.

This saves you a lot of research and frustration.